SAS Hall







The Association of Retired Faculty (ARF) Reading Room is located in room #5400, D. H. Hill Library. It has a small table and offers seating for 20. The room is available for use by: (a)  the ARF Board of Directors, ARF Executive Committee, and ARF committees as a meeting room, and (b)  all NCSU retired faculty and EPA professionals. If there are conflicting demands for use of the space, official ARF-related meetings will take precedence over individual use. A schedule of such meetings will be posted.


Procedures and Guidelines

For maximum enjoyment of this facility, the Association of Retired Faculty has approved the  following procedures and guidelines:


1.      Ask for the key to the Association of Retired Faculty Reading Room (#5400) at the Express Circulation Desk (at the main entrance of D. H. Hill) and show your faculty I.D. card for scanning.


2.      The light switch is on the wall to the left of the door, behind the bookcase. 


3.      Note that the door is always in the locked position, so it will lock automatically when closed. Be sure to take the key with you if you leave the room momentarily.


4.      The room is wired for computer connections to the campus network; there are four active ports (labeled 5424-PP36 through 5424-PP39) along the north wall. The network is available to persons with a Unity ID and password. Bring your own laptop and follow the instructions on the shelves in the Reading Room. There is also wi-fi throughout the library.


5.      Beverages are permissible in this room as long as they meet the library’s food-and-drink policy: they must be in a cup with a tight-fitting lid. Food is not allowed in the Reading Room.


6.      You are free to bring library materials into the room for use.  If you check out any materials, please take them with you.  If you do not check out an item, please return it to one of the open staging shelves in the bookstacks for reshelving.  This will make it easier for library staff to locate materials needed by other users.


7.      The closest rest rooms are located in the older, north part of the stacks (i.e., towards Hillsborough St .). From the ARF Reading Room, go straight until you can see the entrance to the old stacks on your left, past the bookstack ranges.  Turn left and cross into the old stacks.  The women’s room is on the right, after the water fountain. The men’s room is across the stacks to the left.


8.   When you are ready to leave, turn off the light and close the door.  Return the key to the Express Circulation Desk.