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Research Scientists * Science Educators * Teachers * Students

  • Cooperating to develop individual classroom applications using a cooperative learning approach to enhance student learning.

  • Interacting to observe research facilities, develop new curricula and translate the results of current scientific research into teaching content and practices.

  • Reviewing current available educational materials and producing new curricula on computer for classroom use.

Discussion of air and water quality topics including acid rain, ozone, carbon dioxide, global warming, and global environmental change.

This is a practical means for the development of topics of significant concern to our society through contact and collaboration in that vital link between science and education. 

An innovative project linking Scientists, Teachers, and Students to translate current scientific knowledge into teaching practices SCI-LINK is a model project for translating the results of current scientific research into teaching content and practices.

Leading educators are working together with leading scientists to increase their knowledge and skills utilizing the extraordinary resources of environmental research personnel and facilities of two major research universities and federal and state government agencies.

Science as a process, a body of knowledge, and as a way of thinking is incorporated in the SCI-LINK project. Middle, junior/senior high school teachers are linked with contemporary science, and develop individual classroom applications to enhance student learning with the cooperation of research scientists.

Through collaboration, an enduring network of contacts have been established between the personnel in university and government research and state and local education agencies in two states in different regions of the country. SCI-LINK is a practical means for the development of that vital link for teachers with topics of significant current concern to our society.


Principal Investigator
Dr. Harriett S. Stubbs

Co-Principal Investigators
Dr. Herbert Exum
Dr. Robert Bruck
Dr. Walter Heck
Dr. Russ Lea

Leadership Teacher Training
New Curriculum Development
Professional Development

A Project of North Carolina State University
College of Education and Psychology
in cooperation with many agencies and organizations


Organization Program
Marsha Alibrandi NC State University Dept of Curriculum & Inst., CEP
Viney Aneja NC State University Dept of Marine, Earth & Atmos Sci
Sarah Berenson NC State University Ctr Res Math & Sci Educ
Robert Bruck NC State University Environmental Programs
Lisa Darmo Carolina Biological Supply Co. Department of Living Zoology
Hugh Devine NC State University Center for Earth Observation, CFR
Herbert Exum NC State University Counselor Education, CEP
Edwin Gerler NC State University College of Education & Psychology
Rita Hagevik Wake Cty Public Schools Mentor Wake County Public Schools
Walter Heck NC State University Air Resources Research Consortium
Ann Howe U MD Emeritus Consultant, Raleigh NC
Russ Lea NC State University Research, Outreach & Extension
Jay Levine NC State University College of Veterinary Medicine
John Penick NC State University Math, Science, Technology Ed., CEP
Lundie Spence NC State University NC Sea Grant
Harriett Stubbs NC State University SCI-LINK, CEP
Anne Taylor NC Department of Env & Nat. Res. Office of Env Education

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About Us: Dr. Harriett Stubbs, Director
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Dr. Harriett S. Stubbs
Research Associate Professor, Emeritus. PI, SCI-LINK/GLOBE-NET Projects;
  GLOBAL TEACHERS - BRAZIL, Grandfather Mountain International Workshop
Department of Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education
College of Education, NC State University
   home address:  601 Blenheim Drive, Raleigh NC 27612
   home phone: 919.787-8387
   email: h_stubbs@ncsu.edu    web: www.ncsu.edu/scilink
Dr. Stubbs has two B.A. degrees, one in Biology from Westhampton College and one in Education from Macalester College; an M.S.T. in Biology from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls; a Ph.D. in 1982 from the University of Minnesota and a Mini-MBA from the College of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN. Her main interests focus on professional development opportunities for educators, and the information and dissemination of current research in the environmental sciences. Currently, Global Teachers (Brazil) and the Grandfather Mountain International Workshop are a major effort! Dr. Stubbs taught biology, health, life, earth, physical, and environmental sciences to junior and senior high school students in Minnesota. She has life teaching certification. She was the Executive Director of the Acid Rain Foundation, Inc. for fifteen years. This public non-profit organization focused on transferring highly technical information concerning air quality issues to many different audiences, including teachers, students, librarians, and the public. She has been a member of the faculty at N.C. State University since 1988.
Dr. Stubbs is the principal investigator for the SCI-LINK and GLOBE-NET projects at North Carolina State University, with support from many different agencies, including the National Science Foundation, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and others. These projects bring together science teachers and research scientists for educator enhancement. A new research focus includes leadership development. Informational materials including curricula related to global environmental change are an important component of the projects. Seven books in the Changes in the Environment Series published by Kendall Hunt include acid rain, ozone, lyme disease, harmful algal blooms, and trees. The Monitoring the Environment series, published by Carolina, focus on Clover (responding to ozone), and Ants (responding to different environs).
Many grants, awards, and contracts have been received ranging to $1,400,000 from individuals, foundations, corporations, and government agencies (local, national and international). Dr. Stubbs has presented at local, national, and international meetings on topics dealing with air quality issues of acid rain, air pollution, air pollutants, effects on forests, global climate change, curriculum development, science and environmental education. Leadership development, the use of environmental data (geographic information systems-GIS), and harmful algal blooms are the most recent.
She is a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, National Association of Research in Science Teaching, Association for the Education of Teachers in Science, National Science Teachers Association, both MN and NC Science Teachers Associations, North American Association of Environmental Educators, International Organization of Science Technology Educators, and others.
In 1990, Dr. Stubbs was recognized as a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science..."For initiative and foresight in producing publications that include science curriculum materials that bring knowledge and understanding of important environmental issues to teachers, students, and the public." In 1992, Dr. Stubbs was recognized with the Distinguished Alumni Award from Westhampton College, U. of Richmond, VA..."recognizing contributions to family, profession, and community." In 1994 and 1995, Stubbs received the Outstanding Extension Service Award at N.C. State University. Howe and Stubbs received the Award for Best Paper on the Implications of Research on Educational Practice by AETS in 1997. Stubbs is a Charter member of the Academy of Outstanding Faculty Engaged in Extension at N.C. State University. Dr. Stubbs was awarded the 2009 Don Bailey College/ University Distinguished Service Award for Exceptional Service to Science Education in North Carolina, by the North Carolina Science Teachers Association.

For More Information Contact:

SCI-LINK | c/o Center for Earth Observation, Campus Box 7106, Raleigh, NC 27695-7106

E-mail: sci-link@ncsu.edu

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