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What Your Gift Can Do

Your personal gift can make a real difference!

By pledging a certain amount per month, you can change the lives of people in need, in your community and across the globe.

$5 per month:

  • Provides 24 hours of shelter, meals, and service for one homeless person in NC.
  • Buys one acre of unprotected tropical rainforest.
  • Pays for one hour of counseling for a suicidal teen.
  • Buys enough food for one guide dog for three months.
  • Medicine for seven NC children who would have missed school without it.

$10 a month:

  • Pays for a North Carolina family to stay one night at a temporary home for families of hospitalized children.
  • Provides fortified meals to save the lives of 14 malnourished children.
  • Makes pre- and post-natal care, routine check-ups, immunizations and safe delivery services available to 26 mothers and newborns in Lebanon.
  • Reforest American land with 2,100 seedlings which, when planted, reduce soil erosion and improve the environment.
  • Prepares one cat or dog for adoption, by covering all necessary shots, spaying/neutering, and checks for heartworms, ticks and fleas.

$20 a month:

  • Provides English as a Second Language classes, employment and legal services to a Latino family living in NC, so they can become more economically self sufficient.
  • Delivers mosquito nets to 30 families in Angola, helping protect them from diseases like malaria.
  • Pays for oxygen for a month for a terminally ill patient.
  • Buys medication for a local dialysis patient for 1 month.
  • Buys 12 group counseling sessions for local victims of family abuse.
  • Stocks a medical chest at a rural health clinic in Peru.