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2012 Weekly Winners

NCSU 2012 State Employees Combined Campaign
Congratulations on winning an incentive prize!
We appreciate your pledge.

Week 8

  1. Fresh Market Gift Card
    Casi Dailey Training Room Assistant Athletic Trainer
  2. Men’s Adidas Jacket- XL
    Dr. Roger H von Haefen Agricultural and Resource Economics Associate Professor
  3. Women’s Adidas Jacket- Large
    Valerie Megan Schwartz Park Scholars Asst Director
  4. Women’s Adidas Jacket- Large Dr. Agnes Bolonyai
    English Associate Professor
  5. Harris Teeter Gift Card Mrs. Janice A Fields Southeast District- Robeson Asst Extension Agent
  6. Men’s Adidas Jacket- 2XL Steven J. Amendum Elementary Education Asst Professor
  7. Men’s Adidas Jacket- Large
    Dr. Christian L Rossetti (male) Business Management-College Of Management Assistant Professor
  8. Adidas Messenger Bag
    Renee L Strnad Forestry &Environmental Resourc Environmental Education
  9. Women’s NC State Jacket- XL
    Prof. Nancy B Powell Textile and Apparel Technology and Management (TATM) Textile & Apparel, Technology
  10. Adidas Toiletry Bag
    Debra M Crnkovich CVM Teaching Hospital Patient Relations Representative
  11. Women’s Adidas Jacket- 2XL
    Heather King University Transition Program Administrative Support Specialist
  12. Adidas Wheeled Bag Sarah J McLeod Animal Science Research Specialist
  13. Adidas Wheeled Bag
    Stacy Ripley Comey Center for Family & Community Engagement
  14. Giftcard- The Pit
    Sharon S Neal Student Health Service Administrative Support Associate
  15. Men’s Jacket 2XL
    Michael D Smith All Campus Network Office Accounting Manager IV
  16. Men’s Jacket XL
    Demetrio D Dichoso Department Molecular Biomedical Sciences Laboratory Supervisor
  17. Women’s Jacket XL
    Dr Mary Watzin College Of Natural Resources-Deans Office Dean - Natural Resources
  18. Women’s Jacket XL
    Jennifer M Beaman Graduate School-Dean's Office and Staff Student Services Assistant IV, Graduate School College Liaison
  19. Men’s Jacket Large
    Wei Wang Enterprise Application Services Business and Technology Applications Specialist
  20. Men’s Jacket Large
    David Charles Modlin Bldg. Maintenance and Operations-Original Campus Engineering/Architectual Tech
  21. Starbucks Gift Card
    Kathryn W Hair (Wall) Advancement Services Bus & Tech App Analyst
  22. Adidas Toiletry Kit
    Bill Krueger
    Alumni Affairs
    Senior Associate Editor, NC State magazine
  23. Women’s NC State Pullover- XL
    Taryn Marie Oesch Advancement Services Prospect Research Analyst
  24. Men’s Adidas Jacket- XL
    Greg Tourino NCSU Libraries Associate Director Textiles Library and Engineering Services
  25. Men’s Adidas Jacket- L
    Andy Nowel COM-Academic Affairs Office OUP Associate Director, Curriculum & Scheduling, Sr Academic Advisor
  26. Adidas Wheeled Bag
    Michael R Bissinger Art And Design Teaching Asst Professor
  27. Men’s Adidas Jacket- L
    Dr. Alton J Banks Chemistry Professor of Chemistry; Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor
  28. Harris Teeter Gift Card
    Dr. Cheryl J Block Foreign Languages And Literatures Visiting Lecturer
  29. Fresh Market Gift Card
    Robin Banker Advancement Services Assistant Director of Donor Relations
  30. The Pit Gift Card
    Dr. Amy Orders Environmental Health & Safety Assistant Director/Radiation Safety Officer
  31. The Pit Gift Card
    Lucy A Mabry Grounds Management Grounds Supervisor I, NE Campus
  32. Harris Teeter Gift Card
    Dr. MaryAnne Anne Drake Food, Bioprocessing & Nutrition Sciences Associate Professor
  33. Harris Teeter Gift Card
    Prof. Martin W. King Textile Engineering Chemistry and Science Professor of Biotextiles & Textile Technology
  34. Fresh Market Gift Card
    Sid Holloway Scholarships and Financial Aid Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Week 7

  1. Women’s Adidas Polo
    Mr. Jayme Mellema
    University Theatre
  2. Women’s Adidas Polo
    Kim B Outing
    First Year College
  3. Women’s Adidas Polo
    Beverly M Armwood
    Athletics-Business and Operations
  4. Women’s Adidas Jacket
    Rebecca Ann Walsh
  5. Women’s Adidas Jacket
    Debbie Saunders
    Forest Biomaterials
  6. Men’s Adidas Polo
    Mr. Rogelio A Sullivan
    Future Renewable Electric Energy Delivery & Mgmt (FREEDM)
  7. Men’s Adidas Polo
    Dr. John A. Fuller
  8. Men’s Adidas Pullover
    David A Conner
    Health and Exercise Studies
  9. Men’s Adidas Pullover
    Dr. Hosni M Hassan
  10. Adidas Small Duffle Bag
    Joe Darkoh
    Environmental Health & Safety
  11. Adidas Medium Duffle Bag
    Todd D Marcks
    Graduate School-Dean's Office and Staff
  12. Adidas Medium Duffle Bag
    Mildred M Brown
    Enterprise Application Services
  13. Adidas Messenger Bag
    Mr. Dane M Johnston
    College of Veterinary Medicine-Dean's Office
  14. Adidas Backpack
    Lauren Hayes Bryant
    Friday Institute
  15. Starbucks Gift Card
    Mr. Jeffrey Alexander Hoyle "Jeff"
    Fitts Dept of Ind & Systems Engineering - Ergonomics Center
  16. Harris Teeter Gift Card
    Crystal Rashun Wilson
    Graduate School-Dean's Office and Staff
  17. Fresh Market Gift Card
    Dr Olivier Prat
    NC Institute of Climate Studies
  18. Café Caturra Gift Card
    Mrs. June S Bowles
    Advanced Analytics
  19. Harris Teeter Gift Card
    Benny Suggs
    Alumni Affairs
  20. The Pit Gift Card
    Craig Martin Carpenter
    Grounds Management

Week 6

  1. Men’s Adidas Polo- Large
    Joshua Thomas Geruso
    Training Room,Asst Athletics Trainer
  2. Men’s Adidas Polo- Large
    Dr. D. Troy Case
    Sociology and Anthropology, Associate Professor
  3. Men’s Adidas Polo- Extra Large
    Dr. Michael F Singer
  4. Men’s Adidas Pullover- Medium
    Dr. Moon W. Suh
    Textile and Apparel Technology and Management (TATM)
  5. Men’s Adidas Pullover- Large
    Mr. Gerald Ervin Carlson "Jerry"
    University Housing-ES King Village Operation, Regional Facilities Manager
  6. Men’s Adidas Pullover- Extra Large
    John Fountain
    Marine Earth And Atmospheric Sciences, Professor
  7. Women’s Adidas Polo- Small
    Mrs. Catherine O'Fallon Vinzani
    Student Health Service, Nurse Practitioner
  8. Women’s Adidas Polo- Medium
    Tristan Berry Laundon
    Food, Bioprocessing & Nutrition Sciences, Entrepreneurial Program Asst
  9. Women’s Adidas Jacket- Small
    Valerie Wilson
    HR Training & Organizational Development, Training Technology Coordinator
  10. Women’s Adidas Jacket- Medium
    Dr. Melissa A Johnson
    Professor, Communication
  11. Women’s Adidas Jacket- Medium
    Dr. Sharolyn A Lane
    Psychology, Assistant Department Head, Undergrad Coordinator
  12. Adidas Medium Duffle Bag
    Dianne E. Griffiths
    College Of Education, Administrative Support Specialist
  13. Basketball Tickets- 2 tickets/parking for 12/22 game
    Owen Blake Hooper
    Enrollment Management and Services Summer Term Instruction
  14. Harris Teeter $10 Gift Card
    Kenneth Craig Tucker
    Kenan Institute for Engineering Technology and Science, Program Coordinator
  15. Harris Teeter $10 Gift Card
    Jeffrey Michael Johnson
    Construction Services, Facilities Maint Tech

Week 5

Prizes picked up by Ann Horner

  1. Men’s Adidas Polo - Medium
    William Woodbridge-College of Natural Resources
  2. Women’s Adidas Jacket - Medium
    Jamila Simpson-PAMS
  3. Women’s Adidas Polo - Large
    Christine Powe-Housekeeping
  4. Women’s Adidas Jacket - Small
    Rosalie Tisa-Univ Cashier/Student Accounts
  5. Medium Adidas Duffle Bag
    David C Jones "D.J."-University Theatre
  6. Men’s Adidas Polo - Extra Large
    Michael Gonzales-Communication Technologies
  7. Men’s Adidas Pullover - Large
    Thomas Koch-Teaching Asst Professor
  8. Men’s Adidas Pullover - Medium
    Peter Hessling-Education
  9. Women’s Adidas Polo- Medium
    Lori Jones-Arts Outreach
  10. Small Adidas Duffle Bag
    Anna E Arnold-Water Resources Research
  11. Adidas Backpack
    Gerry Sasser III-Tech Transfer Office
  12. Adidas Messenger Bag
    Miki Baggett-College of Veterinary Medicine-Dean's Office
  13. $15 The Pit Gift Card
    Dr. Kimberly H. Chappell-DVM
  14. $10 Harris Teeter Gift Card
    Delecia H Council-Enterprise Application Services
  15. $10 Harris Teeter Gift Card
    Meeghan P Ford-Athletics
  16. Starbucks Gift Card
    Amy Reamer-Engineering Online

Week 4

  1. $10 Harris Teeter Card
    Milford Smith
  2. Adidas Wheeled Bag
    Sandy R Konyesni
    University Cashier's Office
  3. Adidas Men’s Polo
    David Dixon
    Office of International Affairs (OIA)
  4. $10 Harris Teeter Card
    Mrs. Jamie L Petherbridge
    Small Bus Tech Dev Ctr
  5. $15 The Pit Gift Card
    Michael Voiland
    Director, Sea Grant Program
  6. Adidas Women’s Jacket
    Hattie Rhodes
    Dining and Catering Operations
  7. Adidas Small Duffle Bag
    James M. Klingler
    University Business Operations
  8. $15 The Pit Gift Card
    Peter S. Fedkiw
    Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
  9. $10 Harris Teeter Gift Card
    Flora M Blackley
    NCSU Libraries – D.H. Hill Library
  10. Adidas Messenger Bag
    David E Aspnes
    College of Physical & Mathematical Science
  11. Adidas Women’s Polo
    Shannon B. James
    HR Employment
  12. $10 Fresh Market Gift Card
    Keith Emrick
    College of Design/Textiles
  13. Adidas Men’s Pullover
    James Randy Ham
    Alumni Relations

Week 3 Winners

  1. $10 The Pit Gift Card
    Paul Thompson-Bldg. Maintenance & Operations
  2. JC Raulston Arboretum Gift Pack
    Barbara A Doll-Sea Grant Program
  3. Adidas Women’s Polo
    Eileen Z. Taylor Ph.D.-College Of Management
  4. Adidas Women’s Jacket
    Frankye B Artis-Undergraduate Affairs
  5. $10 Fresh Market Gift Card
    Mr. Pete Armstrong-College of Natural Resources
  6. Adidas Men’s Polo
    Dr. Robert C Serow-College of Education
  7. $15 Café Caturra Gift Card
    Kathy A Moritz-Chancellors Office
  8. Adidas Men’s Pullover
    Hugh Elton Fitzpatrick-Public Safety Officer
  9. $10 Starbucks Gift Card
    Dr. Tasnim Hassan-College of Engineering
  10. Adidas Medium Duffle Bag
    Robin L Harris-Student Affairs

Week 2 Winners

  1. $10 The Pit Gift Card
    Ida Mae McCullers – Finance & Business
  2. $10 Fresh Market Gift Card
    Dr. Joan Pennell – CHASS
  3. NCSU Carter Finley Stadium Collectable
    Herschal Autry – Student Affairs
  4. $10 Harris Teeter Gift Card
    Demar Bonnemere – Athletics
  5. $10 Fresh Market Gift Card
    Brian Simet – HR Information Management
  6. $10 Harris Teeter Gift Card
    Dr. Janet Rakes – Poole College of Management
  7. $15 Café Caturra Gift Card
    Kristen Wilson – Libraries
  8. NCSU Leather Portfolio
    Dr. Mike Williams – CALS
  9. $10 Starbucks Gift Card
    James “Jim” Kurian – College of Engineering

Week 1 Winners 

  1. 2012-2013 ARTS NC State Season Pass
    Steve Washburn- CALS

  2. $10  The Pit Gift Card
    Bonnie Hancock- PCOM

  3. $10 Starbucks Gift Card
    John H Taylor- UA

  4. $10 Fresh Market Gift Card
    Patricia Brown- Engineering

  5. NCSU Suit Bag
    William Harazin- Textiles

  6. $10  Harris Teeter Gift Card
    Denise Sherrill- CALS- Henderson Co.

  7. $10 Fresh Market
    Karla Henderson- CNR

  8. $10 Harris Teeter
    Penny McCartney- Robeson Co. Extension

  9. $15 Café Caturra
    Christy Rain- Student Affairs