Faculty Research Award Recipients

See Establishment History below

Year Recipient NCSU Department
2014 Gavin Willaims Chemistry
Zhen Gu Biomedical Engineering

Siddhartha Thakur

Population Health & Pathology
Yong Zhu      Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering   
2011 Michael Dickey Chemical and BiomolecularEngineering
Yichao Wu Statistics
2010 Tao Xie Computer Science
2009 Elizabeth G Loboa Biomedical Engineering
Christian Melander Chemistry
2008 Roger J. Narayan Biomedical Engineering / Materials Science and Engineering
2007 Alexander Deiters Chemistry
Philip Awadalla Genetics 
2006 Doodipala S. Reddy Veterinary Medicine
2005 Christopher R. Daubert Food Science
David B. Kaber Industrial Engineering
2004 Marco Buongiorno Nardelli Physics
Orlin Velev Chemical Engineering
Subhashis Ghosal Statistics
T. Brent Gunnoe Chemistry
2003 Thierry J. M. Olivry Clinical Sciences
Michael Purugganan Genetics
2002 Brian M. Wiegmann Entomology
Jan Genzer Chemical Engineering
Stacy Branch Environmental and Molecular Toxicology
2001 (No award presented)  
2000 Lee-Ann Jaykus Food Science
1999 James D. Martin Chemistry
1998 Christopher B. Gorman Chemistry
1997 David A. Shultz Chemistry
1996 John M. Blondin Physics
1995 Richard J. Spontak Chemical Engineering
Harald Ade Physics
1993 Jean B. Ristaino Plant Pathology
1991 Lisa A. Levin Marine Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Susan H. Ardalan Electrical and Computer Engineering
1990 Peter K. Fitzpatrick Chemical Engineeering
1989 Todd C. Wehner Horticultural Science
Russell J. Linderman Chemistry
P. M. Foegeding (Deceased) Food Science
1988 Phillip E. Russell Materials Science Engineering
R. Michael Roe Entomology
Jeffrey R. Walters Zoology
1987 Sarah A. Rajala Electrical & Computer Engineering
1986 John T. Brake Poultry Science
Larry B. Crowder Zoology
Todd R Klaenhammer Food Science
Niel C. Olson Veterinary Medicine
1985 P. K. Lim Chemical Engineering
Jim E. Riviere Veterinary Medicine
Daniel D. Stancil  Electrical & Computer Engineering
1984 Fred Gould Entomology
Peter S. Fedkiw  Chemical engineering
Mohan S. Putcha Mathematics
1983 Thomas W. Joyce   Wood and Paper Science
1982 D. Michael Benson     Plant Pathology
Leslie Real Zoology
1981  Steven Carl Huber Crop Science  
John Sorenson Genetics
Myung-Hwan Whangbo Chemistry
1980 George G. Kennedy Entomology
William J. Koros Chemical Engineering
D. M. Adams, Jr. Food Microbiology
1979 Herbert Underwood Zoology
1978 David C. Raper, Jr.  Soil Science
R. Wayne Skaggs Biological & Agricultural Engineering
Shaler Stidham, Jr. Industrial Engineering
1977 Ronald E. Stinner Entomology
R. E. Fornes Physics
Michael P. Levi Veterinary Medicine
1976 James A. Knopp Biochemistry
Kenneth W. Hanck Chemistry
Michael A. Littlejohn Electrical & Computer Engineering
J. Paul Thaxton Poultry Science
1975 R. W. Rousseau Chemical Engineering
Wayne M. Brooks Entomology
1974 Richard M. Felder  Chemical Engineering
H. M. Chang Wood & Paper Science
Jon Bordner Chemistry
1973 Major M. Goodman Crop Science
Larry H. Royster Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
George H. Wahl, Jr. Chemistry
1972 Gene J. Eisen Animal Science
1971 Charles G. Moreland Chemistry
Harold B. Hopfenberg Chemical Engineering
Evan E. Jones (Deceased) Animal Science and Biochemistry
1970 Jasper D. Memory Physics
Jerome B. Weber Crop Science
Charles E. Siewert Nuclear Engineering
Larry H. Bowen (Deceased) Chemistry
1969 R. C. Axtell Entomology
W. P. Tucker Chemistry
J. G. Sunderland Economics & Business
1968 John E. Hobbie Zoology
Ellis B. Cowling Forestry and Plant Pathology
Chester Gleit Chemistry
John R. Hauser Electrical Engineering
Eugene Hester Fisheries Research
1967 William E. Donaldson Poultry Science
Leroy C. Saylor Genetics and Forestry
Carl F. Zorowski Mechanical Engineering
1966 Hassan A. Hassan Mechanical Engineering
Charles W, Alliston (Deceased) Zoology
Kwangli Koh (Deceased) Mathematics
1965 Gerald H. Elkan Botany and Bacteriology
Frederick O. Smetana Mechanical Engineering
Robert W. Lade Electrical Engineering
Walter C. Dauterman (Deceased) Entomology
1964 C. Arthur Hart Wood & Paper Science
Charles B. Davey Forestry
Ernest Hodgson Toxicology
John O. Rawlings Statistics
Frank B. Armstrong (Deceased) Biochemistry
1963 Robert P. Upchurch Crop Science
Harold A. Ramsey (Deceased)

Animal Nutrition, Animal Sceince

1962 Hedwig H.Triantaphyllou Plant Pathology
Anastasios C. Triantaphyllou       Genetics
1961 Wesley O. Doggett Physics
Hayne Palmour III Materials Science & Engineering
Dale F. Matzinger Genetics
1960 Ken-Ich Kojima (Deceased) Genetics 
Nash N. Winstead (Deceased) Plant Pathology
Patrick H. McDonald, Jr. Mechanical Engineering
Raimond A. Struble Mathematics
1959 Slater E. Newman Psychology
Frances M. Richardson Engineering Research
J. Lawrence Apple Plant Pathology
James G. Lecce Animal Science


History of the Faculty Research Award Establishment
1960 2/18/60 and following.  Executive committee argues whether recipients of the research award must be members and concludes with the requirement that recipients by "members, initiates, or eligible for membership".  Former Chancellor Bostian was chair of the research awards committee.
1959 Establlishment of the Award 4/24/59