Thank you for supporting Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society!

Membership in Sigma Xi is a honor bestowed upon recommendation of research colleagues.  Having been so honored, members have the opportunity to support the work of Sigma Xi and assure that those who follow may benefit by sustaining teh Society with payment of modest dues.  The North Carolina State University Chapter urges your sustaining suport of Sigma Xi.  Although still facing tough financial challenges, changes 2012 in governance of the Society and very thoughtful reorganization and trimming of Society operations budget by the Executive Director and Society Staff at RTP, form a solid underpinning for revcovery that wil succeed if members and associate members keep their dues current. Further, right sizing the headquarters office and remove the debt load associated with the former "Sigma Xi Center" have furhter increase the viability of the Society.

If you are a currently active member or associate member ("Active" means you are a life member or you paid dues in the most recent year), unless you are a Life Member you will receive an annual dues notice in the Spring from the Society. 

If your membership is currenlty inactive ("Inactive" means that you did not pay dues at least for the previous year) you may reactivate by simply paying dues for the coming year (begins July 1).  There is no back payment penalty.

Your dues are a deal.  In addition to the resources online at, and they grow and improve every day, you will receive the satisfaction of knowing that you are contributing to the nourishing and protection of the scientific research enterprise and to the development and well being of scientific researchers.  You will also receive the award-winning and highly readable American Scientist bimonthly.

Information on dues payment is available at:

Please keep your membership in the "Active" status by paying the very reasonable Society dues.  You will help bring Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society, back to full financial health and keep it there! You will help preserve and further develop Sigma Xi's capacity to protect and enhance the SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH ENTERPRISE and the professional lives of hard-waorking and talented scientific researchers worldwide.