Year Lectures

Public Lecture: Dr. Eugene D. Ayres

Gulf R&D Corp, Pittsburg

"Social Attitude Toward Invention"


Public Lecture: Dr. Jacques M Kelly

Squibb Institute for Medical Research, New Brunswick, NJ

"Utilization of Radioisotopes in Pharmaceutical Research"


Public Lecture: Dr. Alfred F Borg

Director of Biological Science, NC State College

"Life History of Simple Slime Molds"


Banquet: Address by retiring president

"Living with Color"



Public Discussion

             Chancellor CH Bostian

             Dean (Ag) DW Colvard

             Dean (Tx) ME Campbell

"Collaboration in Research and Education with the Government of Peru"


Public Lecture: Dr. Henry Townes

"Phillipine Agriculture and Some of Its Problems"


Public Lecture: James A Lane (former AEC chair)

"The Status of the Atoms for Peace Program"


Banquet: Address by retiring president

"Prophets(Profits) of Plenty"



Public Lecture: Dr. BF Skinner

Psychological Labs, Harvard University

"Experimental Analysis of Behavior"


Public Lecture: Ralph E. Fadum (Head of Civil Engr)

"An Engineer's Impressions of Panama"


Public Lecture: Rev. Daniel Lineham, SJ

Chair, Dept of Geophysics, Boston College

Director Weston Observatory, Weston College

"Seismology--An Aid to the Engineer"


Banquet: Address by retiring president

"Analog Computers"



Public Lecture Dr. Alfred J Stamm

Subject Matter Specialist, US Forest Products Lab, Madison, Wisc

"Adsorption by Non-swelling and Swelling Solids"


Public Lecture Dr. E Cuyler Hammond

Director of Statistical Research, Medical Affairs Department, American Cancer Society and Director of Graduate Studies in Statistics, Yale University

"Smoking and Death Rates: A Ridle in Cause and Effect"


Public Lecture Dr. Bryce S. De Witt

Director of Research, NC Project of the Institute of Field Research, Department of Physics, UNC, Chapel Hill.

"The Nature of Gravitational Fields"


Banquet Address byretiring president

"The Obstinate Weed"



Public Lecture 11/19/58

Dr. Paul Delahay

Boyd Professor of Chemistry, LSU

"Electrochemistry and Kinetics"

Public Lecture (date omitted)

Dr. Knut Schmidt-Nielsen

Professor of Zoology, Duke University

"A Kidney in the Nose or Do Gulls Drink Sea Water?"

Public Lecture and Movie (date omitted)

Dr. Wilhelm F Guaster

Oak Ridge scientist

"Engineering Problems in Thermonuclear Research"

(Illustrated by slides and color movie)

Banquet  Address by retiring president

"Circulation Inside Drops -- An Example of Modern Engineering Problems"


Public Lecture 2/10/60

James G. Lecce

"Arrested Protein Maturation - A Case of Untimley Birth"

Banquet   Address Dr. Hubert N Alyea, Princeton Univ

"Lucky Accidents, Great Discoveries, and the Prepared Mind"

 1/20/60 Exec committee minutes reflect decision to invite an outside speaker for the banquet and to have the retiring president give the second public lecture of the following year.

1960-61 Banquet Speaker:
1961-62 Banquet Speaker:
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1995-96 Banquet Speaker:

Banquet Address:Richard W. Spinrad.

Director for Research and Education, Consortium for Oceanographic Research and Education (CORT)

"Researchers as Educators: Stigmas, Enigmas and Dreams"

1997-98 Banquet Speaker:

Banquet Address: Dr. John Ryals, Paradigm Genetics, Inc.

"The Use of Genomics in Agricultural Discovery"

1999-00 Banquet Speaker:
2000-01 Banquet Speaker:

Banquet Speaker: Dr. Bruce Weir

Measuring Human Relatedness

2002-03 Banquet Speaker:

Banquet Speaker: Dr. Jorge A. Piedrahita

The Role of Imprinted Genes in Embryo Development and Disease


Banquet Speaker: Dr. Michael Walden

The Changing North Carolina Economy: Prospects and Issues


Banquet Speaker: Dr. George Barthalmous

Undergraduate Research


Banquet Speaker:   Dr. Marie Davidian

The Role of Quantitative Sciences in Biomedicine: Past, Present, and Future


Banquet Speaker: Dr. Robert M. Kelly

         Bioenergetics and Physiology of Micro-organisms from Extreme Environments


Banquet Speaker: Dr. Jasper A Memory

         Sigma Xi and NC State Research: 50 Years of Inspiration



Annual Awards Reception & Initiation Ceremony Speaker: 

Dr. Henry Petroski

Aleksander S. Vesic Professor of Civil Engineering

Professor of History

Duke University

"THE HUMAN CANTILEVER: An Enduring Structural Model"


Annual Awards Reception & Initiation Ceremony Speaker:

Dr. Orlando Rojas

Professor of Forest Biomaterials

Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

North Carolina State Universit

"Nanoparticles and Nanostructures from Direct- and Self-Assembly of ComponentsCleaved from Fiber Cell Walls"