Sample Questions to Survey

The Perceptions of Success Inventory for Beginning Teachers is comprised of ten factors, including:

1) Mentor Support
2) Colleague Support
3) Administration Support
4) Classroom Management
5) Encouraging Student Success
6) Curricular and Instructional Resources
7) Assignment and Workload
8) Assessment and Evaluation
9) Parental Contacts
10) Satisfaction and Commitment

Each item is assessed for the beginning teacher's "current experience" as well as what they believe is "essential for effective teaching." The items use a 6 point likert scale. Some sample items are below.

1. My mentor has provided assistance with classroom management.   
2. I have opportunities to visit and observe exemplary teachers.   
3. I have on-going face-to-face communication with my administration.
4. The discipline in my classroom is supportive of a good learning environment for my students.  
5. I have the curriculum materials I need to teach effectively.  
6.  I am able to effectively communicate with my students' parents or caregivers. 

For more detailed information, please contact SUCCEED.

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