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Units now available from Centre Point Learning

Agricultural / Biotechnology - The scope of technology has an ever-widening influence over agriculture adn biotechnology fields. This unit will begin the study of those technologies.

Cyberspace Pursuit - Participants (one team of two to five members) are required to create and launch a HTML (hyper-text markup language) World Wide Web site that features the school’s technology education program, the school's TSA chapter, and the TSA chapter's solution to a technology design brief .

Dragster Design Challenge - Participants (two per chapter) design, produce drawings of, and build a CO2-powered dragster utilizing the materials approved by the rules and following the required specifications. Cars are evaluated on the basis of the drawing, the dragster’s appearance, and final position in the race. To check out some of the cars from last year's conference, go to, scroll down, and click on the flaming dragster.

Environmental Challenge - TSA participants (one team per chapter; two students per team for finalist interview) are required to identify, research and design a visual display that documents their team’s solution to a specific environmental problem; plan and implement a solution to the problem; then evaluate the results and communicate the solution through a display and demonstration. Finalists are interviewed regarding their team’s solution to the problem

Flight Challenge - Participant (limited to two per chapter) studies the principles of flight, then designs, fabricates, and tests a glider. Using an original design and the materials provided on site, entrant creates a glider designed to stay in flight for the longest period of time. Gliders are designed to be launched from a catapult provided on site. Check for help available in your area on the Academy of Model Aeronautics web site.

Mechanical Challenge - Participants (one team of two per chapter) use their critical thinking skills to solve a problem with simple machines. Two students per chapter design, construct, and operate a mechanical device in order to collect a variety of balls from a gaming court in the least amount of time. The mechanical device must utilize two or more of the six simple machines to convert human force into the motion needed for collecting the various balls.

Structural Challenge - Using basic engineering techniques participants research, model, and stress test a bridge designed to hold the greatest load. Each team (one team of two per chapter) systematically plans and constructs a model to be tested using the supplied materials within two and one-half hours and submits it for destructive testing.

Transportation Challenge - Participants (two per chapter) design, engineer, and fabricate an all-terrain vehicle using battery power capable of transporting a payload over the designated length of an obstacle course in the least amount of time.

Medical Technology Challenge - Medicine and related medical fields continue to spread their impact on all or our daily lives. This unit explores some of those fundamental medical practices and implications.

Digital Photography - Even though the advent of digital cameras for the general population is reasonably recent, the technological advances have provided a whole new industry. This unit explores the variety of uses and technologies for digital imaging.


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