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TLTR meeting notes on Student IT Fluency
Suggested by: Stan North Martin and Sarah Noell, Thu Oct. 17 2002
"The Future of Colleges: 9 Inevitable Changes"
Suggested by: Henry Schaffer, Thu Sep 26 17:44:42 2002
"Tenure and Promotion Cases for Composition Faculty Who Work with Technology"
Suggested by: Jo Allen, Sat Mar 16 20:42:14 2002
    "Tenure/promotion fictional cases reviewed by real academics"
""Confessions of a Guerilla Technologist""
Suggested by: Lea Wells, Tue Jul 3 16:58:45 2001
    "An Educause article that provides guerilla tactics and strategies to facilitate change in higher education --not just for faculty developers"
"Resource Guide on Resources for Web Plagiarism: Prevention and Detection"
Suggested by: Henry Schaffer, Mon May 28 22:20:36 2001
    "excellent for academic aspects and convincing students not to plagiarize"
"Is M.I.T. Giving Away the Store?"
Suggested by: John Cudd, Thu May 3 08:40:05 2001
    "The authors are national leaders in technology enhanced teaching & learning. This appeared in their newlsetter on technology & education."
"ADA and MIT"
Suggested by: Terry Thompson, Wed Apr 4 15:46:14 2001
    "This URL is for MIT's collaborative project with the National Center for Accessible Media. "
"Wireless Computing & impact on grades."
Suggested by: Sarah Stein, Thu Mar 22 12:01:15 2001
    "Suggested by Carl Malstrom: interesting piece for IT and undergraduate teaching"
"Economy of Ideas"
Suggested by: Sarah Stein, Thu Mar 22 11:58:06 2001
    "John Perry Barlow's article, suggested by Asst. Vice-Provost Jo Allen, talks about the need for new approaches to digital property rights."
"Accessibility Demonstration at American Federation for the Blind Site"
Suggested by: John Dutton, Mon Feb 26 11:48:08 2001
    "AFB has a site demonstrating accessibility options. In addition to press release, see"
"Giving Blind People Access to Graphics"
Suggested by: Henry Schaffer, Mon Feb 12 09:07:18 2001
    "A particularly relevant article by Martin Kurze (it is both thoughtful and practical)."
"An Accessible Web"
Suggested by: Henry Schaffer, Mon Feb 12 08:37:56 2001
    "Most of the accommodations that are discussed in the extensive international treatment of how to accommodate disabilities a) do not fundamentally alter the services, and b) are not very expensive (burdensome) if designed in from the start."
"The Media Production Model"
Suggested by: Sarah Stein, Wed Feb 7 22:50:30 2001
    " The article "The Media Production Model: An Alternative Approach to Intellectual Property Rights in Distributed Education." It appears to be the first model in the country to set forth the concept of technical staff sharing in intellectual property rights."
"Connect: An Interview with Sarah Stein"
Suggested by: Brett Wetzell, Mon Feb 5 20:58:37 2001
    "Read this article in NC State's campus technology newsletter for an in-depth profile of the Teaching, Learning and Technology Roundtable."
"The Technology Source"
Suggested by: James L. Morrison, Sat Sep 23 06:18:43 2000
    "The Technology Source, a free peer-reviewed bimonthly Web-periodical, provides thoughtful, illuminating articles that assist educators."
"Protecting Intellectual Capital While Nurturing Intellectual Capacity"
Suggested by: Kevin Gamble, Fri Aug 25 09:38:07 2000
    "This is an interesting editorial on changes in copyright that appeared in the newsletter of the Consortium for School Networking."
"Pew Symposia: Who Owns Online Course?"
Suggested by: Sarah Stein, Thu Jul 20 13:17:21 2000
    "This is the 2nd monograph from the Pew Symposia on Learning & Technology:Who Owns Online Course and Course Materials, IP Policies "
"Seeking a Radical Change in the Role of Publishing"
Suggested by: Lea Wells, Fri Jun 23 13:04:34 2000
    "Describes first steps to untangle the publish-or-perish, overpriced-journals conundrum. [Posted with permission.]"
"Instructors Criticize Online Courses"
Suggested by: Sarah Stein, Thu Jun 22 19:08:30 2000
    "A June 2000 article in the NY Times on reactions to online teaching"
"Digital Diploma Mills"
Suggested by: Josh Boyer, Fri Apr 7 11:57:24 2000
    "Historian David Noble sums up the devil's advocate position on distance education - that DE turns universities into "digital diploma mills.""
"Colleges Strive to Give Disabled Students Access to On-Line Courses"
Suggested by: Judy Davis-O'Kane, Fri Mar 24 16:36:20 2000
    "CHE article that provides some context for the new NC State Assistive and Information Technology Coordinator"
"Penn State's "Faculty Development 101"
Suggested by: John Cudd, Tue Mar 14 11:27:23 2000
    "An free on-line course which addresses the needs of faculty members faced with the challenge of going online for the first time."
"Diane Oblinger, "The Nature and Purpose of Distance Education""
Suggested by: Sarah Stein, Mon Mar 13 15:22:50 2000
    "Commentary by the CIO of UNC"
"Benchmarks of Excellent Practice in Online Course Delivery"
Suggested by: John Dutton, Wed Mar 8 14:27:08 2000
    "This is a site I created to highlight good practices in course web site creation, The work was part of a cooperative project to develop web courses with two Russian universities. The site contains discussions of principles, as well as descriptions of and links to course sites that illustrate good practices. In addition, there are interviews with a number of the instructors who developed the sites."
Suggested by: John Dutton, Wed Mar 8 14:23:46 2000
    "EDUCAUSE is an organization that focuses on information technology issues in education. It provides access to a great deal of relevant material. In addition to its web site, it sponsors publications and conferences. It also disseminates a short ema il newsletter on information technology events."
"An Annotated Compendium of Open Source and Related Resources"
Suggested by: Henry Schaffer, Tue Mar 7 01:05:21 2000
    "From NC State University Information Technology"
Suggested by: Henry Schaffer, Tue Mar 7 01:06:57 2000
    "MERLOT is a collection of high quality interactive online learning materials, assignments, reviews, and people. particularly see"
"Students Frustrations with a Web-Based Distance Education Course"
Suggested by: Henry Schaffer, Tue Mar 7 01:09:33 2000
    "The abstract: Many advocates of computer-mediated distance education emphasize its positive aspects and understate the kind of work that it requires for students and faculty. This article presents a qualitative case study of a Web-based distance education course at a major U.S. university. The case data reveal a taboo topic: students' persistent frustrations in Web-based distance education..."
"Report: Linux Hysteria Will Fade In 2000"
Suggested by: Henry Schaffer, Tue Mar 7 01:13:05 2000
    "This, from ACM TechNews, seems relevant, so I am forwarding it. "
"Bibliography and Bookmarks for Teaching, Learning and Technology"
Suggested by: Sarah Stein, Mon Mar 6 10:25:14 2000
    "A useful listing of online resources"
"Digital Technology in the Classroom"
Suggested by: Henry Schaffer, Fri Mar 3 21:10:38 2000
    "A thoughful discussion of using Instructional Technology in the classroom - from the PI of the Harvey Project."
"Online Learning: Ready or Not, Here it Comes"
Suggested by: Sarah Stein, Tue Feb 22 11:06:20 2000
    Rick Reis, from the Tomorrow's Professor listserv: "The posting below is a news summary of a recent Stanford University Faculty Senate meeting on the future of online learning at Stanford. Among other things, Stanford President Gerhard Casper said, "I fear that the faculty in general is not worrying enough about the rapid changes technology will bring to the classroom.""
"Open Source in the 21st Century"
Suggested by: Henry Schaffer, Sun Feb 13 15:30:46 2000
    "An interesting variety of (pretty much pro) opinions."
"Information Technology at a Crossroads: Open-Source Computer Programming"
Suggested by: Henry Schaffer, Mon Feb 7 11:06:04 2000
    "Relevant to our discussions. From The Chronicle, dated October 29, 1999. I need to add that he has a minor error in the antepenultimate paragraph - where he implies that open source software isn't copyrighted. Actually it is copyrighted, but it is *licensed* for use as an open source program. We've had some discussion on the TLTR list on the different open sources licenses (the best known is probably the GPL - Gnu Public License) and people can read up on that if they wish."
"Teaching at an Internet Distance Seminar, U. of Illinois Report"
Suggested by: John Cudd, Mon Feb 7 10:57:43 2000
    "This was posted to a Distance Learning WebSite run by the University Continuing Education Association. It links to a very lengthy report on distance learning/on-line instruction from the University of Illinois. May be of interest to TLTR community."
"Who controls the software which influences our lives?"
Suggested by: Henry Schaffer, Mon Jan 24 16:32:24 2000
    "This is an excellent thoughtful piece in the NYT which I recommend"

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