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inFORM was removed from service on Tuesday, October 11, 2016. Please see:

inFORM v3 Help Page

inFORM v3 is an application that allows you to collect information that is submitted from a web-based form. The content of the form can be emailed or saved to AFS file space for you. If you are interested in having students submit feedback, submit homework, or would like to perform a short, informal survey, inFORM might fulfill your needs.

inFORM v3 is available to anyone affiliated with NC State University who has a valid Unity ID. You will need to be able to login to our WRAP web-based authentication system in order to register your forms with inFORM.

The following pages are available to help you setup your forms to use inFORM v3:

inFORM Credits

inFORM v3 is all original code written by Charles Brabec of NC State's ITD Systems group. It was written to provide better security against abuse by non-NCSU users.

inFORM v2 was a ground-up rewrite of inFORM v1 by Charles Brabec. It was rewritten to improve some of the features that were otherwise added on top of the existing source script.

inFORM v1 was originally based on a script created by Matt Wright and extended by Chris "Spence" Spencer. In addition, the program was significantly improved with help from Harry Nicholos, Dr. Ernie Knowles, and Dr. William Switzer.

inFORM is supported and maintained by NC State University's Information Technology Division.
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