The 8th Annual

NC State University
Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium

Format Requirements


Students must submit abstracts via the web.

Abstract Length

Abstracts cannot be longer than 300 words.

Example of abstract

Special Characters

Any special characters, including italics and Greek letters, must be embedded in the abstract using HTML codes. Common codes are as follows:

<I> this text would be in italics </I> 
<B> this text would be bold </B> 
<SUB> this text would be a subscript </SUB>
<SUP> this text would be a superscript </SUP>
<U> this text would be underlined </U>

See "HTML Basics" for more information on special codes.



All students will give poster presentations.

Only materials that can be mounted on the provided 3’ x 4’ easel board with the provided pushpins are allowed for poster presentations.


If you intend to use a laptop to demonstrate something related to your poster material, please contact Judy Day at for special arrangements.



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