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VisTE is a National Science Foundation funded project, Award #ESI-0137811

VisTE is a National Science Foundation funded project, which promotes technological literacy by linking to the Standards for Technological Literacy through the study of visualization, science, and technology. Over a three year period, our project team will develop, pilot, and evaluate 12 units for technology education in grades 8-12.

Project Investigators:

Aaron C. Clark:
Is an assistant professor of Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education, at NC State University. He specializes in the integration of academic and vocational course content. He works in curriculum research and development related to technology and vocational education. Over the past six years, he has collaborated with Dr. Wiebe in the development of NC's Scientific and Technical Graphic Communication curriculum. As PI, Dr. Clark serves as the primary liaison with the advisory panel and project evaluators, oversees the coordination of annual professional development workshops, and has primary responsibility for ensuring the appropriate piloting, revision, and final publication of materials.
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Eric N. Wiebe:
Is an assistant professor of Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education, at NC State University. He has authored or co-authored four textbooks on technical graphics that have been used in over 100 high schools, colleges, and universities nationwide. Over the past five years, he has participated in the development of a new high school scientific visualization curricula for the State of NC and has taught scientific visualization at the college level for several years. As Co-PI, Dr. Wiebe oversees the development of the project activity modules, ensuring they are in concert with the latest national standards in science, mathematics, and technology education.
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Tom Shown:
Is a technology education consultant with the NC Department of Public Instruction. He brings considerable expertise in the areas of public schools in general and technology education in particular. He provides leadership in the development of the North Carolina Technology Education and Scientific and Technical Visualization Programs, and in this capacity has frequently collaborated with technology education faculty across the state, including Drs. Clark and Wiebe. He is also currently serving as CO-PI on Tech-KNOW, an NSF-funded technology education project at NC State University. As CO-PI representing the State of North Carolina, Mr. Shown works closely with the Advisory Panel in identifying content for the project modules and reviewing the modules to ensure their appropriateness for skill development, alignment with the standards, and reaching diverse learners. Mr. Shown will also play an integral role in disseminating materials, especially in the pre- and post-conference seminars.
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