Workshop on Computer Architecture Education

Held in conjunction with

44th International Symposium on Computer Architecture

Toronto, ON
Saturday, 24 June 2017


Final Program

Session 1. Keynote and Vendor Session 9:00-10:30

Welcome, Edward F. Gehringer, workshop organizer

Keynote address, "Computer Architecture Education: Black Boxes Considered Harmful," Yale Patt, University of Texas [slides]

Vendor session: NVIDIA's Teaching Kits [slides], Andrew Schuh, University of Illinois

Session 2. Papers 11:00-12:30

"Practical experiences based on MIPSfpga [paper, slides]," Daniel Chaver, University Computense of Madrid; Yuri Panchul, Imagination Technologies; Enrique Sedano, Imagination Technologies; David M. Harris, Harvey Mudd College; Robert Owen, Imagination Technologies; Zubair L. Kakakhel, Imagination Technologies; Bruce Ableidinger, Imagination Technologies; and Sarah L. Harris, University of Nevada Las Vegas

"ICOS: Support for ``Bare Metal'' Computer Architecture Assignment [paper, slides]," Zachary Kurmas, Grand Valley State University

"Software Tools for Low-Level Software and Operating Systems Classes [paper, slides]," Maxwell Walter and Sven Karlsson, Technical University of Denmark

Session 3. Panel 1:30-3:00

"The Future of Computer Architecture Education"

Session 4. "Unconference" session 3:30-5:00