This page contains sustainable forestry resources and contacts. It is arranged in three categories (click to view):


Woodswise Publications
These publications are guides to managing your woods. Click on a link below to download PDFs of the publications you are interested in. To download any of these files, you need to first download a program called Adobe Acrobat Reader onto your computer.
A link to download Acrobat is below.

Guide to Consulting Foresters (875 KB)
A partial list of consulting foresters who work with small woodland owners in study counties is also available by clicking here: consultants. Thanks to the consultants who responded to our survey!

Guide to Selling Timber (341 KB)

TreeTips Publications
These publications are basic factsheets about taking care of your woods. Click on a link below to download PDFs of the publications you are interested in. To download any of these files, you need to first download a program called Adobe Acrobat Reader onto your computer. A link to download Acrobat is below.

Getting Started with Your Woods (224 KB)

Empezando Con Su Terreno (259 KB)

Getting Help from a Consulting Forester (226 KB)

La Ayuda De Un Consultor Forestal (266 KB)

Goods from Your Woods (519 KB)

Los Bienes De Su Bosque (403 KB)

Making a Profit from Pinestraw (219 KB)

Making Money from Hunting Leases (187 KB)

Keeping the Family in Family Forest (911 KB)

Funding for this publication was provided by the NC State Outreach Council.

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader
This program will allow you to view the above documents on your compter, and then print them out. Go to: When you click on this link, a new window will open, explaining how to download Acroat Reader. When you have finished downloading it, close that window, and this page will remain open.

Spanish Translations coordinated by PhD student Greg Frey.

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Got Questions? Use our online flowchart... find links to sources of information and assistance, where you can go to get answers to specific questions.

You can also go directly to the list of linked sources of information and assistance.

Or download PDF files for a tri-fold brochure and insert with a "key" to forestry assistance:

Federal Agencies and Organizations:

Farm Services Administration

Services include Farm Loans, Price Support, Conservation Programs, Disaster Assistance, Commodity Operations, and Additional Resources

US Forest Service Programs
Programs Include: Economic Action Programs, Landowner Assistance Programs, Urban and Community Forestry Program

Natural Resources Conservation Service
Includes: Agricultural Management Assistance, American Heritage Rivers Initiative, Areawide Conservation Planning, Conservation Planning, Conservation of Private Grazing Lands, Conservation Reserve Program, Conservation Technical Assistance, Coral Reefs Initiative, Emergency Watershed Protection Program, Environmental Quality Incentives Program, Farmland Protection Program, Forestry Incentive Program, Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative, Locally Led Conservation, Outreach & Socially Disadvantaged Farmer, Plant Materials Program, Resource Conservation and Development Program, Rural Abandoned Mine Program, Soil Survey Program & Resource Assessment, Soil and Water Conservation Assistance, Watershed Protection & Flood Prevention Program, Wetland Reserve Program, Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program

Southern Regional Extension Forestry
Southern Regional Extension Forestry goals include education and collaboration. They believe education is the key to sound natural resource management and that collaboration is the way to do it.

State Agencies and Organizations:

North Carolina Forest Service
Financial Incentives for Forest Management
Look for links to starting a forest (financial incentives) and to tending your forest.

North Carolina Forest Service:
Management Assistance:

Private Organizations:

Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences (MANRRS)
MANRRS supports endeavors that will always foster and promote the agricultural and naturalresource sciences and related fields in a positive manner among ethnic minorities. MANRRS also pledges to initiate and participate in activities and programs that will ensure that ethnic minorities will always be involved and associated with these disciplines.

Society of American Foresters (SAF): Certified Forester® program
SAF is enhancing the Certified Forester® (CF) program by instituting an examination component. Beginning January 1, 2003, all foresters wishing to become a CF will need to pass the exam. Foresters who are active in the CF program as of December 31, 2002, will NOT be required to take the CF core examination. In addition, SAF is developing the first specialized national credential in sustainable forest management auditing. Only CFs will be eligible for this and future specialized credentials. To learn more, or to obtain an application, please visit the SAF website and look for link to certified forester program,
or contact Pat Cillay, or 301-897-8720 x 122.


(Flowchart and links compiled by MS student Nevin Dawson.)

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