Kiawah Island, South Carolina Water Column Profiler Installation - July 31, 2003

As part of the ongoing geographical expansion of the Neuse Estuary Monitoring and Research Program (NEMReP), the Center for Applied Aquatic Ecology installed its patented NCSU-CAAE profiler on Kiawah Island, SC, in collaboration with the South Carolina Algal Ecology Lab.

The real-time data gathered by the NCSU-CAAE profiler is available on this website, at the Kiawah Island page, and our other sites are available on the Real-Time Remote Monitoring page.

Boat launch into pond at Kiawah Island.
En route to the site where the profiler will be mounted.
Mooring the boat to the pylon where the profiler will be mounted.
Putting the water probe pipe into the water.
Installing the mast that holds the electrical dissipator, and meteorological sensors
Close up of profiler power supply, computer controlled winch, and weatherproof electronics box.
Wide shot of profiler, also showing the mast with the meteorological sensors attached.
Attaching the final mounts for the profiler water probe pipe.
Calling up the profiler via cell phone, to listen to the profiler enunciate the current data.
Close up of the profiler system and the custom crafted fiberglass shell.
Wide shot of the profiler as the install crew heads back to shore.
Another wide shot of the profiler


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