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Safe and Accessible Modifications for Independence/SAMI II

Sponsor: Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust

PI: Richard Duncan

Period: 07/01/98 through 06/30/2000

The Center for Universal Design promoted home modifications for low-income, rural adult, and senior North Carolina residents with disabilities. The Center helped households prevent accidents, live in their homes longer, maintain their health, and improve their quality of life. The project had two goals:

1. Increase the availability of home and farm modifications for low income, elderly and disabled, rural North Carolinians, and those at risk with chronic diseases; and

2. Increase the permanent local and regional expertise in home modifications so that the quality of home modifications increases.

This project served low income and frail elderly and persons with physical disabilities and chronic diseases. Most of these households were either uninsured, underinsured, or Medicaid eligible. Many of these households had not reached or can not be served by the existing formal service network in North Carolina.


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