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Promoting the Practice of Universal Design

Sponsor: U.S. Department of Education/NIDRR

PI: Molly Follette Story

Period: 06/01/98 through 05/31/01

This project's purpose was to develop and implement an ongoing, self-supporting design evaluation and marketing program that responded to consumer and industry needs. The objectives of this project were to (1) Improve consumers' ability to recognize universal design; (2) Improve designers' ability to meet the needs of a diverse consumer base; and (3) Recognize and support industry efforts to successfully market universal design.

These objectives were achieved by (a) Developing a set of performance measures that reflect the Principles of Universal Design; (b) Determining reliability of these performance measures and implementing and testing the evaluation program; (c) Developing a plan for marketing and promoting the universal design evaluation program; and (d) Disseminating the results to appropriate audiences.   

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