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The College of Design at NC State University is interested in balancing the relationship among the effects of population growth; the uses and re-use of natural resources; and the sustainability of the natural environment. In the knowledge economy, concepts of interdependency and sustainability may also serve as principles for the design of information systems.

The goals of this work are to:

Energy and materials use
Research objective: To research how design can improve the energy efficiency of buildings through the use of solar radiation and natural ventilation to heat and cool buildings, the use of natural light to illuminate interiors, and the development of integrated building systems.To research product development strategies that consider the life cycle of products and materials in their design.

Land use systems
Research objective: To expand the understanding and alternative approaches to land use and site design with respect to meeting the diversity of human needs. At the same time, the objective is to preserve species diversity, protect sensitive lands, and restore hydrologic systems.

Sustainable information systems
Research objective: To study ecological systems as a paradigm
for the development of sustainable, technologically mediated information systems.

Participating Faculty:

Professors Haig Khachatoorian, Wayne Place, and Art Rice; Associate Professors Perver Baran and Bryan Laffitte; Assistant Professor Lee-Anne Milburn.

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