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NC State University is one of two public research universities in the University of North Carolina system. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is a half-hour drive from campus; students enrolled at NC State hold reciprocal library and course registration privileges at both universities, as well as at Duke University, a private institution located nearby in Durham, NC.

      Design Libary in Brooks Hall

Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill make up the Research Triangle and are located in proximity to Research Triangle Park, home to the research and development divisions of national and international companies, including IBM, Nortel, and SAS. Also located in RTP are the National Humanities Center, National Center for Biotechnology, Research Triangle Institute, and MCNC, the area's supercomputing center. The university's Centennial Campus, a 1000-acre research campus south of the historic center of the university, replicates the RTP model by pairing resident private research companies with academic programs.  

The College of Design offers degrees at the bachelor's, master's, and doctoral levels to a population of 700 students, sixteen of which are doctoral students in the only interdisciplinary degree program in the college. Assistantships frequently provide opportunities for doctoral students to teach, gaining valuable experience toward academic careers. A one-credit teaching seminar within the college and teaching workshops in the university address the development of pedagogy and curriculum.

The 50 full-time faculty in the College of Design work in offices adjacent to instructional spaces, often involving doctoral students in their research projects. Associate faculty in departments such as sociology, history, communication, computer science, and psychology provide coursework taken by design majors and serve on doctoral committees. Faculty at Duke and UNC/Chapel Hill also serve on doctoral committees.

Active in international programs, the College of Design maintains a permanent instructional facility in Prague, Czech Republic, which may serve as home base for students doing research in the area. Strong faculty connections in other countries provide contacts worldwide.

The Design Library and IT Lab at the College of Design support student research, in addition to the resources of the larger university. The PhD offices provide group workspaces and computing access specifically designed for doctoral students to use while on campus.

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