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Community Assistance
The College of Design receives numerous requests for project assistance. These activities greatly enhance the academic experience as well as fulfill the College's mission and desire to serve the community. To accomplish these goals, projects requests should do the following:
  1. Address broad community needs and issues.
  2. Be educational and / or research based.
  3. Not compete with professional community.
The College does not have a budget for these projects; so applicants will need, at a minimum, to provide for expenses necessary to conduct the work. We try fit the request with the appropriate faculty interest, expertise, and teaching efforts.

Please provide us with the information below to better serve your and the College's needs.

  1. Project description:
    • a) Describe activity or need.
    • b) Identify and describe geographic location, size of area to be considered, or scope of project.
    • c) Identify issues, problems, and community concern that will be addressed by the activity.
    • d) Identify educational objectives and audience.
    • e) Identify tasks and timelines.
  2. List partnerships and participants.
  3. Identify resources available to support project activity such as funds to cover travel, materials, expert personnel to provide information, etc.

If you have questions, call either
Celen Pasalar at 515-8952.

Or by email:

Application requests can be submitted via snailmail to

"Community Assistance Application"
Design Research & Extension Program
Campus Box 7701
College of Design, NC State University,
Raleigh, NC 27695