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Kinston Charrette
Contact Person:
Kat Oury

Fall 1999

City of Kinston
Angelo R. Abbate's Landscape Design Studio
Gustavo E. Mibelli's Architecture Studio

Many communities were devastated in the wake of Hurricane Floyd's merciless pounding of the North Carolina Coastal Plain. The School of Design Extension Program was contacted by the Governor's Rebuilding Task Force and canvassed the Departments of Landscape Architecture and Architecture seeking design assistance.

Angelo R. Abbate's Landscape Design Studio and Gustavo E. Mibelli's Architecture Studio conducted studies and proposed a site plans for the city of Kinston, N.C. Studio participants volunteered to help with the siting of manufactured housing on a pre-selected site. This project was conducted in about two weeks. Environmental, Visual analyses and interviews with the Kinston Planning Department and citizens were undertaken. Visits were made to site and town.

The data collected suggested that the citizens wanted to restore the sense of Community. A final presentation to Kinston's Planning Officials was held at the School of Design. Students were told that the city was implementing plans immediately.


Clustered Homes
Neighborhood Park & Greenwalk Views
Landscaping Using Native Plants
Inventory & Analysis
Community Center
Environmental Considerations
Neighborhood Park & Greenwalk
Uplands Park